High Definition and Accurate 3D Dental Printer

Experience fast and unprecedented level of accuracy with DIO Probo 3D Printer. Unique in design and with key features:

  • High Resolution & Accuracy
  • RFID Code Recognition
  • Touch Panel
  • Online Service
  • Dimension: 350mm x 550mm x 330mm
  • Build Size: 124mm x 70mm x 70mm
  • DLP Engine: FHD 1920 x 1080
  • Light Source: UV LED (405nm)
  • Resolution: XY 65µm / Z 100µm
  • Weight: 30kg

High quality output using 1920X1080 Full HD DLP Engine. Easy to recognize the inserted RFID code of material container and convert parameter values of each material. Intuitive UI with Touch Panel for increased user convenience. Quick and convenient customer support and management service with online remote support.

DIO Probo Materials

DIOnavi C&B is a UV curing resin developed for crown and bridge printing. The material is biocompatible and the safety and strength of printed crowns and bridges have been proved throught strength, toxicity, and biological tests.

DIOnavi SG is biocompatible UV curing resin developed for 3D printing of surgical guide for implant surgery. The printed guide is placed on the patient’s teeth before surgery, defining the exact angle, depth, and location of the implant. The material has been proved safety through toxicity and biological test.

DIOnavi Model is a UV resin for printing dental models suitable for counseling and modeling. This material has significant lower shrinkage in consideration of fixing margin, and at the same time it provides the high level of visibility as the impression model. The accurate printed models are the perfect base for creating dental work piece. 

DIOnavi Cast is a UV resin used for printing of casting patterns. The resin is 100%  lost-wax printing material, residue-free after the burnout process. It can be used for all  types of casting  including partial frames, metal crowns, correctional devices etc.

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