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Revolutionize your Implant Practice

DIOnavi is a seamless ecosystem of integrated, data-driven technology and unprecedented support, created to accelerate practice growth and standardize outcomes. DIOnavi delivers:

  • Minimally invasive, flapless procedures to optimize patient comfort and healing
  • A fully guided procedure—100% of the procedure, including implant placement, is guided
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High Accuracy

DIOnavi implant surgery is a 100% flapless surgery. It is done through careful digital planning and guided implant surgery. It removes the analog impression by converting implant medical treatment to digital data and creates an almost surgical guide for precise implant insertion.

The entire procedure can be planned, managed, designed and performed with less chance for complications and a better chance for a comfortable procedure with faster healing.

It is very convenient both for the dentist and patient.

Minimally invasive, flapless implant delivery

  • Data drives precise, incisionless, and suture-less procedures
  • Minimizes time-consuming procedural inefficiencies
  • Optimizes patient comfort, post-procedure healing, and osseointegration

DIOnavi Benefits

DIOnavi implant solution accelerates your practice growth by providing patients with fast, comfortable, and precise implant procedures. Here are some of the benefits it can give to your patients.

There is no suture due to no incision

There is less bleeding due to no incision

There is no damage on the surrounding nerve or teeth due to the use of exact guide

Can be treated without inconvenience due to the use of comfortable guide

General Incision Surgery

Bleeding a lot and accompanied with swelling.
The recovery is slow and its inflammation and infection risk are high.

Minimal Incision Surgery

Swelling and bleeding are less.
Inflammation or infection risk are less and recovery period is fast.


Imaging and data are merged to create ‘close-to-zero’ deviation in intraprocedural surgical guide design and fitting.

Procedures are focused on achieving immediate temporization with less than 0.26º deviation.

Intraprocedural guidance optimizes implant placement, anatomical preservation of osseous and soft tissues, procedure speed, and healing:

  • Sleeve, drill design, and sequence maintain double contact to minimize path deviation
  • Advanced drilling protocol provides each tooth accuracy beyond conventional drilling guides.

It’s the only such platform in the world:

  • That is fully guided and keyless—100% of the procedure, including implant placement, is completed with a guide.
  • That covers all general, sinus lift, edentulous (+All-on-4/6) case indications with fully integrated digital workflows through immediate temporization.
DIO Implant Academy | DIO Implant Philippines

The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry

Clinical Research on the Accuracy of Computer Guided Implant Placement. Corresponding author: Dr. Byung-Ho Choi Department of Dentistry Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine 162 Ilsandong, Wonju, Republic of Korea

DIOnavi Full Arch

For the first time in the world, ‘DIOnavi Full Arch’ has fully-digitized the entire process from the scanning of edentulous patient’s dentures, planning, guide production, the actual procedure, and the final prosthesis fitting.

This allows oral information of edentulous patients to be conveniently obtained directly from their mouth, and edentulous patients’ information on gums, vertical dimensions, and occlusions can be accurately determined by using the existing patient’s dentures or the ‘Wax Dentures’ developed by DIO. Thus, scanning difficulties and errors that occur in the edentulous cases experienced by many practitioners can be overcome by those who use oral scanners currently.




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